Start-up businesses that design and produce their own merchandise oftentimes have not much leeway when it comes to storing inventory before they are shipped to retail. In some cases, their own storage options can even do more harm than good, warranting the need for a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. Jamie Wyatt of Business 2 Community said the help may be effective if there were clean lines of communication from the very start.

Melbourne is already a hotbed of start-ups, with the city administration throwing its support for businesses seeking to get ahead in a number of sectors. Still, having a good warehousing service to cover for your finished goods while awaiting deployment of the latest order may be a win-win for your business. That’s why you need 3PL warehousing providers and freight forwarders in Melbourne like State Transport to cover the bases fast.

Defining Relationships

When seeking out a 3PL services, it is vital to research how their capabilities can accommodate your operations over the short and long term. As you sit down with a preferred 3PL warehousing provider, you have to lay down your objectives for tapping them, as well as your business forecast and changes in seasonal demands. You cannot afford to assume they know your situation, Wyatt says.


The acronym KISS, or Keep it Simple and Sweet, also applies in the labelling side of logistics management. Prior to putting up your items for storage at a 3PL warehousing company, Wyatt says you must take the time to make clear, accurate labels on product SKU and descriptions. This enables the warehousing team to find the items when you request pulling them out.

Your All-Seeing Eye

Advances in communications and logistics management technology are also worth looking into. A 3PL company and freight forwarder in Melbourne like State Transport should allow you real-time access to the status of your inventory via a secure Internet portal. You can cross-check any active purchase orders you have with the existing inventory, then pull out what you need for shipping as the situation arises.

Start-ups with a lot of customers need every possible advantage so that the ordered products can reach their destination, safe and intact—in retail stores or into consumers’ hands—that you leave them satisfied at the end of the day. Let firms such as State Transport be one of your major means to that end.

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