With the proliferation of online stores across the globe, the need to deliver various goods and merchandise requires efficient logistics for customer fulfilment. The age of e-commerce has reached customers far and wide, so logistic companies have to do the same. In Australia, as in most places around the world, many businesses rely on third party logistics services for product transports, and other shipping and warehousing needs. 


A third-party logistics (3pl) service is a cost-effective solution for a business’ logistics requirements. Getting the services of such a provider reduces operating costs for many small businesses who don’t need to employ additional workers for product delivery. On the other hand, the provider may make necessary adjustments to accommodate business growth, and even adopt the latest software and machineries to provide better service to their clients.

To get the assurance they need, local businesses should work with a 3pl in Melbourne like State Transport Company with AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service)-accredited warehouses for quality packaging and storage. Clients of these companies are guaranteed a safe and secure environment for their packages until they reach their destination. Included in reliable 3pl companies’ services is a warehouse management system with a pick and pack operations for a strategic logistics movement.

As with any dealings, open communications is essential to a successful 3pl-client relationship. Distance often presents a problem for regular personal meetings, so communications are often done through emails. While these certainly help, occasional face-to-face meetings and productive phone communications are needed.

In building any professional relationship, the right amount of trust has to exist, with the client having full confidence that the 3pl company will do what it takes to ensure the desired results are achieved. On their end, the 3pl company will rely on the cooperation of the client in providing the details and information they need for the smooth processing and transport of goods. It would also be advantageous for the partnership to allow some flexibility in resolving any logistical issues. Understand the problem, and consider various solutions instead of insisting on just one.

Setting a benchmark for the 3pl provider’s performance will also help you measure their competence and reliability. This will enable you to observe how well they run their operations and adapt necessary changes in case something goes wrong.

As the reach of businesses continues to grow along with the rise of e-commerce, an established Melbourne warehouse and logistics service can be your business partner instead of a mere back-up plan.


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