In business, maintaining your relationship with your trusted allies is vital to success. Since many enterprises in the logistics industry rely on the services of Melbourne 3PL companies, it is essential to improve the partnership between the two parties involved for the benefit and success of your business. Here are some tips to improve your partnership with your 3PL service provider:

Seeing Eye to Eye

Compatibility between the business and the 3PL is an essential building block of a lasting relationship. Both must have a clear understanding of how the other functions in order for them to have aligned goals. The relationship must have a good communication wherein information is freely shared and objectives are clearly outlined at the executive, managerial and even front-line level of both organizations. Strategy meetings should be held from time to time to develop joint goals. This way, both parties share in the ambition to move forward toward success.

In it for the Long Haul

Partnerships are supposed to last for a very long time and for that to be possible, both the company and the 3PL should have open minds about long-term agreements. Entering in long-term agreements will see the relationship greatly improved. Another way to make the relationship last is developing a sense of cooperation and camaraderie between workers of both companies. Treating the 3PL as a valuable extension of the company is a healthy practice for you and your employees.

See Where You Stand

It is important to know where things stand in your business. You can do that by measuring the results of your past labours. Areas of shared responsibilities and joint performance need to be evaluated so that they may be improved in the future. Key performance indicators or KPIs should be agreed upon by both parties as means of measurement. If there are areas that need improvement, make the necessary corrections and never forget to reward a job well done.

A Shift in Priorities

Businesses should also consider the possibility of needing more complex services and arrangements from the 3PL. Before that happens, there needs to be a plan in place to ease in the transition phase without interrupting business operations. The focus of the plan should be on functional services, value added services and other foreseeable needs.

A good relationship between your company and your 3PL service provider is essential for mutual satisfaction. Find a trustworthy Melbourne warehouse and 3PL service provider like State Transport for your logistics and warehousing needs.


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