Running a business – any business – means relying on suppliers and other external parties to ensure you have what you need, when you need it and so the service you deliver to your customers can be maintained to a quality level that keeps you in business.

For many businesses, the daily or weekly inflow of goods is essential to the operation of the business.  All these inwards goods must be transported into store, sometimes from multiple suppliers. And so the transport company carrying these inwards goods becomes a vital and indispensable partner in the supply chain.

At State Transport, we have built a business entirely based on this partnering philosophy with our customers. We recognise that without a regular and totally reliable partner delivering inwards freight to our customers, they simply could not exist as a viable business.  So when we say, we place customer service as our number one priority we mean exactly chain

We know what our customers need and want when it comes to local transport. They want a transport supplier with partnering capability in warehousing, a range of trucks suited to the type and quantity of freight being carried, attention to detail, and a thorough understanding of the type of goods being warehoused, packed, loaded and freighted.

For example, if a business is in the engineering products field, they want to know that their freight partner knows and understands the nature of their particular products, such as its value, its degree of fragility, its need for certain packaging and the extent to which on-time delivery of routine supplies is essential to the running of its business.

At State Transport, we have spent over twenty years perfecting our understanding of our customers’ needs and we take great pride in the close partnering relationships we have built up over this time.

To us, local transport means a local understanding of each and every one of our customer’s particular business needs and a genuine commitment to meeting those needs as if their business was our business – which in a way, it is.