State Transport takes great pride in helping clients with all their local transport. You can expect your delivery to arrive in pristine condition and right on schedule every single time. And our local transport services are available throughout Melbourne.

Industries We Work With

We are proud to provide exemplary transportation services to businesses across a variety of industries; throughout Melbourne and Victoria. Our existing clients cover a number of diverse industries that require specialised handling techniques and they have entrusted State Transport to deliver and we will deliver for you.

Our Fleet

With a fleet of over 100 vehicles at our disposal, State Transport is confident in its ability to move cargo in any configuration to any location. Our comprehensive range of vehicles includes 1 and 2 tonne Trays and Box Vans, 4 to 14 tonne Tray Trucks and Tautliners, as well as Hydraulic Tailgate Lifters Semi-Trailers and B Doubles.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

We have a team of professionals dedicated to helping you. Our drivers are experienced and efficient. This assures you that all your items are transported to their destinations safe and sound, every single time.

Quick and Reliable Solutions

We understand that a variety of factors can easily break a set schedule. In such cases, don’t hesitate to give State Transport a call. Our transport services are available seven days a week, from early morning and into the night. We will be there even on short notice and public holidays. Think of a scenario and we’ll have a go!

We have a dedicated night time fleet with rostered staff that allows us to transport cargo on a 24/7 basis.

Moreover, our “Victorian Country Same Day Service” can deliver cargo of virtually any size—from several small cartons up to 24 tonne loads—to any Victorian township within four to eight hours of your initial call. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there for you.

And we are confident that you will love working with the State Transport family.