Transport Management System

Customised reporting packages

State Transport provides customised reporting providing you with easy access to your key Performance Drivers

Smart Phone PDA

Smart phones are readily accessible. So when seasonal volumes grow and secondary fleet is required, drivers will gain access to our system, this means we won’t have blackspots. In simple terms, every truck will be linked live into our ordering system, resulting in information being available to you. We will allocate your task as soon as it is booked and if our drivers can’t meet your schedule, it will be reallocated as soon as the system red alerts the fleet team. Your order is never lost or forgotten.

Our drivers are able to transmit data back to our central base ready for you to access. If you have special delivery requirements these will be updated and confirmed, finished, in real time, ready for you to access.

Customer access tool

A customer only access area is available where you are able to place bookings, update delivery addresses complete live tracking and query an old delivery


Our system allows access to real time tracking. Our process provides you with security and peace of mind, that that only you have tracking visibility to the fleet used for your task.


Electronic PODs are provided to you in real time. These can be downloaded immediately and for you to see and action whenever you receive a query from one of your customers.

Warehouse Management System

Our 3PL service can manage FIFO, FEFO, each pick and bulk pick. We can offer this flexibility as we operate a radio frequency based warehouse management system designed locally for the 3PL industry, and locally supported. Being a specific 3PL WMS it provides specific functionality to allow State Transport to manage multiple customers.

State Transport’s WMS provides customised reporting packages providing you with easy access to your key performance drivers. Access these when you need them, change them whenever your business needs to understand new outcomes. Our system is efficient and easy to use.

It’s Features Include:

  • Multiple Customer / Consignee
  • Multiple Warehouse Operation
  • Radio Frequency and / or Paper Processing
  • Barcode Tracking and Verification
  • User Definable Rules for Customers, Sites, Products
  • Stock Rotation Principles: FIFO, LIFO, Expiration Date, etc
  • Multiple Product Tracking Options
  • Flexible Management Reporting Options
  • Online Audit Trail


Both our warehouse and transport management systems has interface capabilities. This provides significant administration savings for you and your team.