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Welcome to State Transport

Whatever industry you are in, proper management of logistics it’s a must for a company’s efficient operations and uninterrupted production. State Transport provides timely and dependable transportation for the delivery of goods that ultimately delivers value and a customer service experience like no other.

For freight services that will help you stay ahead in business, get in touch with State Transport. State Transport Logistics is the local transport, 3PL and warehousing solutions company for Melbourne.

We are a leading and efficient transport company, and provide all kinds of transport services from taxi trucks and fixed hire trucks, to loads as large as shipping containers, and as small as cartons. Our warehousing team can provide assembly, production line, and pick and pack services. We handle the entire logistics process while you focus on your core expertise.



Taxi Truck Hire

Tasks that last less than a day, moving a carton or 24 pallets, meeting a time window, State Transport can meet your needs.

Permanent Truck Hire

We will provide dedicated drivers and trucks that will know your industry and become an integral component to your business.

Warehousing and Storage

State Transport provides a variety of warehousing services from full pallet picks right through to assembly and consolidation.

Regional and Forwarding Services

Whether you need to move your freight to regional Victoria or interstate, State Transport will ensure your stock arrives on time.
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