Hiring third-party logistic companies in Melbourne can help lighten the load and make things easier for your business. While there are many 3PLs who offer the same services, not all of them are the same when it comes to delivering what you need the most. Don’t put your business and your reputation at risk; be smart in choosing a partner. Here are five traits you should look for in a logistics provider for a good partnership.


Shipping your products to reach your customers already has many risks involved, and when you hand it off to a 3PL, you need an assurance that your product is secured. The company you choose should have plans in place to ensure that your products will arrive safely at their destinations. They should also be able to give you real-time status updates.


A logistics company in Melbourne should always be in the know of the latest developments and news in the industry in order to provide the best services. Your 3PL partner should be able to provide you with insights in order to improve their services to accommodate your needs better.


A 3PL should have a measurement system in place in order to evaluate performance and find more room for improvement, not only in transportation but in their IT infrastructure as well. An outdated infrastructure makes for slow progress and higher risks. With the knowledge of new developments and results of performance evaluation, a logistics company should always keep pace with technological advancements.


When it comes to logistics, cheaper rates are not always better, but instead, only provide short-term savings. What you should look for is a company that has reasonable rates and a low-cost network that makes safe and prompt delivery. A 3PL with the necessary tools, gear, and equipment would serve you better than one that only has low prices to offer.


A reliable logistics company should be able to prove that their words of assurance are not empty claims. Successful on-time deliveries should be your basis when it comes to reliability. Collaboration between your company and the 3PL is essential to develop plans and strategies that would ensure successful deliveries.

These five characteristics are essential to look for if you want your business and your partnership with a 3PL to succeed. Use these as basis to find dependable 3PLs like State Transport.


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