In the business of customer service, nothing is more important than delivering a promise made to a customer on-time, with the right goods, delivered securely and with an attitude of courteous friendly assistance.

When it comes to adaptability, local fast service relies on having the right delivery vehicle ready 24/7 and a driver who knows exactly what he is doing. At State Transport, we have a fleet of over 100 vehicles of every size and configuration, guaranteeing customer order fulfilment on-time, every time.

Taxi trucks make up the bulk of our fleet and are available at short notice for regular or urgent deliveries anywhere in Melbourne or Victoria.

If fact, with the vehicles and facilities we have available, State Transport is able to offer a “Victorian Country Same Day Service”.  That is, we can guarantee to deliver any consignment from small parcels up to 24 tonnes to any address in any Victorian country town within 4 to 8 hours of receiving a customer’s call.State Transport Fleet

This focus on local transport services has given State Transport an important competitive edge in what is a very competitive market.  Customers don’t want to know the technical details of the trucks or the parcel tracking services. They just want to know that when they book a taxi truck, the transport company is fully equipped and capable to deliver exactly to their needs. These needs nearly always involve the customer’s own obligation to deliver its own promise to one of its customers – and that’s all they care about.

So by presenting our business with an attitude of quiet efficiency and demonstrating competency, we directly address the needs and concerns of our customers, without any show of technical irrelevance or “chest beating”.  Just good old-fashioned quality customer service.

The evidence of our taxi truck service efficiency is shown in how we do things. Our taxi trucks are always clean and neat; our drivers are in uniform and courteous; our paperwork is already ready and accurate and our customer’s delivery is always made on-time and without any hassle. Quiet efficiency – it’s all the customer wants.