About 'Bookings'

If you have an account with State Transport, you can call our friendly team on 03 9587 4433, send a booking email to customerservices@statetransport.com.au or place your booking on the online booking portal.

All courier jobs are quotable, however hourly jobs are priced for the complete duration of the job. We can provide an estimate for this service.

We can integrate directly with a number of different ERP systems. If you are using a software we have not seen before we will endeavour to integrate it as best we can.

Cancellations can be sent through via email to customerservice@statetransport.com.au or can be called through on (03)9587 4433

Our friendly team are here to assist! If you are not sure what size vehicle to book, or you have a delivery/collection that has weight or height limitations, please speak to our team on (03) 9587 4433 for booking assistance anytime!

Bookings can be made on the day you wish your freight to be collected for local transport and we will endeavour to get to the collection point within 60-90 minutes of your booking.